Betting Tips

If you are a beginner in the world of betting, then you will be interested in learning more about betting tips. These are the basics info for any player who plans to bet on sports. Only with the help of tips from professional bettors, you will learn how to play with profit for yourself. Undoubtedly, this is better than learning from your own mistakes. There is no magic or universal formula for success, but there are tactics and strategies tested by time. This will help you to receive regular income from bets without loss. In this article, we will look at tips that will help you quickly turn from a novice player into an advanced bettor.

What are betting tips?

What are betting tips

Sports betting is entertainment that brings fun. At the same time, betting tips will help you to have a stable or temporary income and minimize losses. First of all, you should choose a betting platform and, in our opinion, 1xBet is the best bookmaker for players from India. One of the mistakes of beginner bettors is quick and rash decisions. Before placing a bet, we recommend using the following 1xBet tips:

  • Get acquainted with the list of sports disciplines and sports odds;
  • Read the information section and the rules of the platform;
  • Choose banking methods for deposits and withdrawals in Indian rupees;
  • Take a look at information about bonus offers for new customers;

In order not to rely only on luck, you should choose the sport in which you are a pro. Inept budgeting, spontaneous decisions, lack of strategy — all this leads to a bad experience and disappointment. Often beginner bettors make several mistakes and lose the entire amount of the bankroll. These include:

  1. A bet on an event with high odds.A bet on an event with high odds.
  2. Using the entire deposit for one bet.Using the entire deposit for one bet.
  3. A bet on the victory of your favorite team. A bet on the victory of your favorite team.
  4. Unwillingness to follow personal statistics.Unwillingness to follow personal statistics.
  5. Playing with personal money.Playing with personal money.

The 1xBet website has detailed information about current or upcoming events, which will help you make a decision. We advise you to focus on the size of the bookmaker’s odds. If your bet did not win for some reason, do not rush to make another one. Emotional attempts to return the lost will inevitably lead you to the loss of the bankroll. Pause to analyze the situation and understand the reason for the failure.

Betting Markets and Odds

Betting Markets and Odds

The use of 1xBet bettingThe use of

Single Bet

This is the best type of betting for beginners. It is indicated in the line as 1X2 (1-hosts, X-draw, 2-guests). If your favorite wins, you get a win.


It’s a combined bet consisting of accumulator bets. Unlike ordinary express rates, the system can win even if your selections in a combination will lose.

Express Rates

This is a combo bet that consists of at least two single bets in different matches. The total odds of an express — are the result of multiplying the odds of the events included in it.

Apart from these bets, there are also other options available on 1xBet:

Title Description
Double chance The bet is placed on the victory of one of the opponents or a draw. Odds at such rates are usually quite low, but if there is no certainty in the forecast, using a double chance will be the best idea.
Correct score You need to guess the exact final score of the match. It is most often used in football betting and has increased odds.
Handicap The team must win by a score difference or lose by a goal difference less than what you indicated on the coupon. At the same time, there are several varieties of handicaps, the most popular of which are Asian and European.
Total The player must determine the exact number of yellow cards in football, the time for which the player is sent off the field, or the number of hits in baseball. It can be any sports indicator, including cybersport.

After choosing the type of bet that suits you, use the strategy, or cricket betting tips, for example. The advantage of 1xBet is the ability to combine several types of bets and use the free options. At the same time, you can choose other betting options, with different odds of winning. The use of a strategy in this case is no less expedient. By the way, on the 1xBet website, there are several ways to get free bets with acceptable wagering conditions.

Why You Should Choose Our IPL Betting Tips

Our professionals work daily on sports forecasts. If you are a fan of cricket, then this information will help you make money for your favorite sport. In addition, we are not going to force you to advertise or participate in a strange offer. For our part, we would like to say a little more about our advantages and why you can trust us:

  • Our IPL betting tips are compiled by professional bettors with many years of experience;
  • Our predictions are mostly correct;
  • Our tips will help you reduce your risks and save your bankroll;
  • By listening to our advice, you can earn money by betting on your favorite sporting events.

Using our advice, do not forget about your own experience and analyze the situation. Perhaps during the event or a few hours before the start of the match, something will affect the result. Then you need to draw conclusions and make your individual decision, which may differ from our forecast. We also want to warn you that the information we provide for betting is advisory. This means that you should not «blindly follow» our advice.

Free Cricket Betting Tips & Cricket Match Prediction

Free Cricket Betting Tips & Cricket Match Prediction

Before placing bets on cricket, carefully study the rules of this popular game. On the 1xBet website, you will find all the tournaments in this category, with different odds. Without experience, it will be difficult for you to make a choice even based on the platform odds — that’s why you need a match prediction from professional bettors. Listed below are the most important factors to be considered before betting:

  1. Draw results.Draw results.
  2. Weather.The weather has a big impact on cricket matches — probably more than any other sport.
  3. Pitch features.Pitch features.
  4. The morale of teams and players.The morale of teams and players.
  5. Match length.Match length.

The factors listed above can greatly affect the outcome of a match. An attentive bettor can take advantage of this data. In addition, you should learn a few strategies before you start betting. We recommend using data from previous cricket seasons for training. This way you will be able to understand whether the tactics you have chosen are working or not.

What Types of Sports Do You Have to Predict?

The 1xBet website has hundreds of offers in various sports disciplines. For a successful bet, you can also focus on the size of the bookmaker’s odds or use the predictions of experienced bettors. Listed below are the most popular sports in India for which you can get predictions.

  • Football;
  • Cricket;
  • Volleyball;
  • Tennis;
  • Basketball.

In addition to this list, Indian bettors prefer betting on horse racing and eSports events. To quickly select the match you are interested in, go to the “Sports” section on the 1xBet website and use the search box. Match prediction from experts will help you get income and fun from the bet.

1xBet winning tips

When using online cricket betting tips, try to be reasonable and systematic. We will give you some working tips, but it cannot replace your own experience. Only time and regular forecasts will help you understand in which situations you can win, and when it is better to stay on the sidelines. Below are a few tips that you can use when betting on the 1xBet site:

  • Analyze current odds — beginners can place small bets on events with low odds;
  • Place combined bets — the platform allows you to use this option for most events;
  • Use bonuses for the game — this way you will save your budget and increase your chances of winning;
  • Take part in the loyalty system — the higher your level, the more unique opportunities you will receive.

Even if your bet loses, the 1xBet platform will return some of the money to you if you take part in the cashback promotion. This bookmaker offers many amazing options for bettors from India — read about the offers on the bonus page. Using these betting opportunities and tips, you will be able to receive a regular and high income.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

If you are in India, then it is more expedient for you to use payment systems that support transactions in rupees. This is exactly what we saw in 1xBet. Below you can see banking methods with fast transactions in INR.

Method Deposit Withdrawal
Visa/MasterCard 600.00 INR 
UPI 350.00 INR  700.00 INR 
Skrill  169.25 INR 846.23 INR
Perfect Money  55.00 INR 105.00 INR
Sticpay   169.25 INR 105.00 INR
Google Pay 400.00 INR 
BHIM  500.00 INR  2,000.00 INR 
Amazon Pay  1,000.00 INR  1,000.00 INR 
PayTM wallet  100.00 INR  1,000.00 INR 
ecoPayz 431.58 INR  854.69 INR 
Neteller   338.49 INR  105.00 INR 
Jeton Wallet 200.00 INR  500.00 INR 
Bitcoin 0.2 mBTC 0.96 mBTC
Ethereum 70 mETH 67.20 mETH

These methods allow you to transfer funds without commission. Keep in mind that you must have a verified account to access payment functions. We also want to remind you of the importance of activating bonuses when making a deposit.


Summing up all of the above, we can say that tips and sports predictions are your lifeline in the betting sea. In simple words, this will prevent you from drowning and teach you how to swim better; later you will be able to make detailed predict on your own. The 1xBet bookmaker offers a large list of sporting events with different odds for betting. Try to start with accumulators for several events to try out tips and predictions in practice. With our guides, you will soon become a real professional in the world of betting.


Is 1xBet legal in India?

The site is legal and safe for bettors from India. If you are an adult player, you can register an account and start betting right now.

Is there a universal winning strategy?

There is no universal way to win every time. However, you can use the tips from our article to increase your chances of winning.

What bet types should I choose?

It depends on your playing style and the sport you choose. For beginners, we recommend making express bets on various events with high odds.

What about 1xBet mobile betting?

The bookmaker has an application adapted for all types of modern mobile devices. Functionally, it is similar to the website version.